Las Vegas Street Hookers Survival Guide

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Ever been curious and wanted to try out Street Hookers?? This simple checklist on what to do and not to do while “cruising” the streets and looking for your next trick. Hopefully, this guide will help make your next experience as memorable as possible, without all the hassles that follow.

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Clean Yourself

Shower! Especially wash your junk. A number of girls will perform better if you don’t smell and taste nasty. Take a shower, or at least wash your dick in the sink or use handi-wipes.

Shave your pubes. It may be a scary thought at first, but pubic hair traps stank, and girls are sometimes more eager to swallow a cock and suck balls when hair isn’t getting stuck in their teeth.

Stock your vehicle (Be Prepared)

Condoms – If you plan to fuck or if you even think you might become enticed to stick your dick in her, don’t rely on the girl having condoms.

Street hookers may suggest you stop at a gas station to get a condom, but if you do, don’t leave her in your car alone so she can pillage. If you take her inside, though, she very well may hit you up to buy her cigs, snacks, etc. She’ll typically expect to be extra on top of what you’re already going to pay her.

Hand sanitizer – It’s nasty to have stinky fingers on your way to work, home, or to eat fried chicken. How many guys have shot their loads in that pussy since she last took a shower? I don’t know if it protects or not, but when I’m with a particularly nasty girl, I put the sanitizer on my dick and balls, too. And don’t forget your Peehole and yes it stings.

Baby wipes – After you are done doing the deed, it’s nice to wipe all the cum off your hands or chest. It may not be as good as a shower, but you won’t feel disgusting on the ride home.

Napkins or a towel – Do you really want to explain to your significant other why cum is leaking down your pants? Besides, when an SW doesn’t have something to wipe her hands and mouth on, it may end up being your shirt or seat that she uses.

Secure your belongings

Obvious items – Don’t leave cash, credit cards, checkbooks, wallets, guns, knives, or jewelry within her sight or reach. It’s particularly important not to leave a weapon in her reach because she just might use it to rob you.

Not so obvious items – Don’t leave out cigarettes, lighters, sunglasses, bags of stuff you just bought from a store, or anything else that you’d like to keep.


Do your Research

Read sites like USA Sex Guide or Utopia Guide for information on the hotspots including streets or businesses where street hookers may be walking or hanging out.

Another trick I used and worked out well is Googling hookers and finding out where arrests have been made. I look at the date and wait a few weeks and go back to that area and scope out new prospects. Usually, street hookers go back to that particular area.

Plan your route

After figuring out the hotspots, if you plan to hit more than one, use Google Maps or something else to figure out the best way to go about it. Don’t go across town, then back near your home or hotel, then back across town to a different area. Organization is essential

Knowing when the best time to “cruise” for Street Hookers

It depends on the city and the current girls. In some locations, girls operate like clockwork. In others, it’s hit or miss regardless of the time of day. Some favorite times for girls are morning and evening rush hours, lunchtime, or when bars close. Some girls prefer to be out during the day when it’s easier to be seen by prospective clients, some prefer the cover of darkness, and some just go out when they awake from their drug-induced stupor and are fiending for more drugs. Figure out what patterns, if any, are in your area.


During the Cruise

Fit in with traffic and blend in
Loud music, yelling out to girls, hanging your arm out the window, and continuing to go up and down the same streets are ways not to blend in. Keep your windows rolled up, particularly if they’re tinted.

Watch your ass
As someone who has been pulled over for picking up prostitutes and who has been run out of an area by a cop for just eyeing a prostitute, I know what I’m talking about. If you see a girl, look around. Cops can be in marked vehicles, unmarked vehicles, or just standing in the shadows dressed like a grubby citizens. If someone is watching you, think twice. Don’t let the little head get the best of you like it has done for me. When a street is busy, that’s the hardest time to notice if cops are eyeballing you, so proceed with caution.

Multiple-lane streets
Unless one side of the street typically has the streetwalkers, stay more in the middle lanes. This gives you opportunities to more easily pick up girls from either side.

Put your sun visors down
They dim the view into the vehicle, they make it more difficult for a cop to see a known streetwalker with you, and they distort silhouettes so it might not be as obvious that she’s on top of you riding your cock.

How to spot potiential Street Hooker?

How a streetwalker looks

Aside from areas in big cities where girls need to look hot to compete, oftentimes they’re gaunt from drug addiction. They also wear their hair up due to the heat so you don’t get your cum all over it. They’re often dressed in worn-out and maybe even dirty clothes, and usually, they don’t bother with makeup. They may try to look seductive by tying a t-shirt up so you can see their abdomen, or they might wear short shorts to show off their legs. Some wear sundresses with nothing underneath so it makes sex more accessible.

Some are exceptions to the rule. They shower, wear makeup and jewelry, and put on clean and and attractive clothes. Some girls are average- or even plus-sized instead of the usual spinners. My take is that you can still choose to try to pick them up, but be extra cautious.

What a streetwalker carries

They usually don’t wear earbuds because they’re paying attention to who may signal them to come over. They usually don’t carry purses. Sometimes they’ll carry a plastic bag with something they just bought to eat at the gas station, or sometimes the bag will contain the few belongings they have in this world because they’re homeless.

Some girls carry knives such as weapons either for self-defense or to rob you. I know stories in regard to both. If you carry a weapon, I’d suggest you keep it close.

If you see a streetwalker pulling a suitcase, there’s a good chance she’s going to ask if she can stay at your place for at least the night. That’s up to you whether that’s feasible or even desirable.

Alternatively, she may just hit you up for rent money for the sleazy motel down the block. I recommend against giving girls such an amount of money. It’s often their drugs habit that put them on the streets, and you’re not there to be her sugar daddy and take care of her while she just goes and blows the initial money you paid her on drugs. Let her work for a living and earn the money for the motel. The rest of us have to earn our money to afford to meet our basic needs, too, so why should she be any different?

How a streetwalker acts

Unless she has money in her pocket and is eager to see her drug dealer, she’ll usually walk slowly. Maybe even seductively. They usually watch passing cars closely to see if anyone is interested, oftentimes looking you in the eye and maybe even smiling or motioning you to stop.

Sometimes girls walk with other girls or their pimps. Unless I know and trust at least one of the girls, I usually won’t stop. If they happen to be walking with a guy, your risk factor of being mugged when you pull over just went up. Girls understandably often want company or protection, but they don’t seem to realize that walking with a guy scares off many potential customers.


Pull over

If you didn’t make eye contact and give her the nod, circle the block if you have to do so, then pull over in as discreet a location as you can while still being able to catch her attention. It’s difficult to judge what’s the best location with a good balance between you not being spotted by cops and you being spotted by the streetwalker. If you already caught her attention, again, just pull over someplace safe where she can still see you waiting for her. To be honest, many times there’s really no “safe” place.

Try, and try again

If she didn’t see you sitting there, reevaluate. Does she really look like a streetwalker, or were you just hopeful, and she’s really just a girl walking to work or home? If you still think she’s an SW, she may not have stopped because she spotted popo, so getting in with you would be too great a risk.

Or, she may think you look too scary. Many of these girls have been beaten or raped, so appear friendly. Take off your sunglasses so she can see your eyeballs. Flash her a smile.

If you really must, then motion for her to come over, whistle, or yell. You may have to roll down your window to get her attention. I’d advise against doing any of these unless you feel safe that no cop is around. I particularly am not a fan of honking.

Unlock the passenger door and get her inside.

The goal is to get her in and not to roll down the window for a conversation. First, the longer she stands there, the more likely you are to be spotted. Ask if she wants a ride if she’s hesitant about getting in. That’s pretty much code for “let’s go somewhere so you can suck my dick”, so they know you’re looking for a willing mouth.

Second, vice cops typically want you to negotiate the sex act and cost without getting in for their own safety. If a girl refuses to get in and wants to negotiate first, stop talking, roll up your window, and get the fuck out of Dodge because you’re in the middle of a sting operation.


The “Cop” Check”

Once the street hookers are in, you or she might want to do a cop check to feel more comfortable. This is where one of you exposes genitals or the girl exposes her tits. First of all, it’s bullshit from the SW’s perspective because letting her grab your dick or even kiss it is allowable for the cop to do in many vice units. A cop can always legally say he or she is not a cop during a sting, too. Can you imagine Donnie Brasco infiltrating the mob as highly as he did if he legally had to tell the mobsters he was a cop? It’s a fallacy that undercover cops must out themselves.

From your perspective, she isn’t going to get into your car in the first place if she’s a cop because she’d fear for her safety. However, I still sometimes ask for a girl to show me she’s not a cop because then I get a better look at her body and determine whether I want to just get a BJ or hit that pussy. Oftentimes I’ll squeeze her tit or stick my finger in her snatch for nothing other than my own enjoyment.

Disease check

If she has ugly bumps around her lips or vagina, discharge from her vagina, or an unnatural smell from her vagina, drop her off. I am not well-versed in the types of disease and what to look for, but I do try to look for these things.

Negotian of Price for Services

Always remain in control

Oftentimes girls will say they do head for $30, $40, or whatever. Tell them you only have $20. She may say that’s OK, we can just go to an ATM. Refuse and say $20 is all you can afford, your bank account is empty because you’re waiting for payday, or whatever other excuse you can think of. If she sticks to her inflated price, pleasantly offer to drop her off.

If she doesn’t say her price up front, don’t ask.

Then you pay them what you think is fair afterward. I know some guys rip off the girls completely and don’t pay them, but I don’t advocate that. It’s just that once you’re done getting off, she no longer has leverage to name her price, so avoid discussing the price and paying right away. I almost always stick to head for $20 and head and a fuck for $40. Sometimes I pay $30 and get both.

Negotiate the rules of the activity before paying.

If you want a BBBJ and not a CBJ, mention it upfront. If you want her to take it in the mouth, say so. I’ll admit that I’m not usually great at this part of the bargaining because I forget to do so.

Be wary of side trips.

Some girls ask that you pay them first and take them to the drug dealer so they can shoot up. Insist on waiting until afterward. If you let her go into his home, she very well may not come back, and you sure as hell don’t want to go to the door to face a drug dealer who may be armed somehow to demand your money back.


Be polite

Unless she’s snapping at you and bossing you around because she’s jonesing, there’s little need to be rude. Being kind gets you places with these girls because so many mongers treat them like shit. Being polite makes her feel safer, plus she’s often more willing to do more of what you want or to not because you won’t pay the full asking price.

Be Conversational

If you show any interest in her as a human being, that also plays in your favor. She’ll often do extras for free such as sucking on your balls when she hates it, going to your home, or even giving you a rim job.

Don’t put up with BS

If she is snapping at you, then firmly tell her the way it is. If she doesn’t back down, drop her off. I never recommend you do any physical harm to her. Keep in mind she likely hates her life, she may be jonesing, and she feels like her life is over. There’s no need to best her up on top of it all.


In your car and where your should park

Unless you already know and trust the girl, don’t let her choose the spot. I’ve had a few girls choose the spot, wait until my dick is out, ask for the money, and then bolt. Since she knows the area, you are at a disadvantage in figuring out where she went. She also knows you’re not going to call 911 because you’d be admitting to soliciting a prostitute and may go to jail, too.

Choose a location at least a handful of blocks away. She may very well know that area, too, but she may not want to have to walk all the way back. She’s more likely to do what you’re paying her to do if she doesn’t have a ready exit strategy.

If you’re staying in the car, believe it or not, public places are often good. No cop is going to be surveilling the Walmart parking lot or the community park looking for someone getting head. Just park on the outskirts of where everyone else is parked, and scan for any security cameras or anyone sitting in cars nearby who may see you.

Another good place is a restroom at a gas station that only has one toilet and where you can lock the door. Even if someone sees you enter or leave together, you can say you have a medical disability and needed her to help you. Of course, if they heard a bunch of slurping and loud moans, they may be disinclined to believe you and call the cops.

Dead-end streets, abandoned houses, woods, and even car washes can be good spots. The main thing is to remain aware of your surroundings. I’ve been in places where kids are coming through the woods, a car is coming, or someone is out walking their dog.

At her motel or home

Check the room for any threats. Check closets, behind doors and shower curtains, and under the bed. Be sure any doors are locked. If security remains a concern because other people are legitimately in the room or house, do your business facing the door in case of someone busts in.

At your hotel or motel

Have her wait a few minutes before coming to your room. Make sure no one else is in the hallway when you let her in. Hide your valuables and anything else she may be inclined to lift.

At your home residence

Again, be aware of your valuables. If she needs to use the bathroom, have her leave the door open so you can see what she’s doing. Stay with her no matter what part of the house she goes to. Of course, be certain your significant other won’t be home anytime soon.


Watch your valuables and ALLWAYS be Alert of your surroundings

If she’s sucking your dick in the car, be wary of any movements that feel like she’s putting her hand in your pocket. If you’re in a room where you’re taking clothes off altogether, keep any clothes with your valuables in them near you where you can see them.

Tell her what you want – Give her instructions

If you want your balls sucked, say so. If you want her to try to deepthroat, ask if she can. If you want her to mount you, speak up. If you have some wild fetishes, then tell her. Everyone has a price and in most cases, she will oblige.


First things first. Clean up. Get your baby wipes, towel, or whatever and clean yourself off. Toss the condom out the window, and get rid of any wrappers. Offer her a towel or wipes as a good gesture. Make sure you didn’t cum on the seat or your clothes.

Talk with the hooker for a bit, be friendly and get her phone number if you want it. Usually, if the experience is good ill get it. I have a google voice number and I always use that as a means of communication.

Ask her where she wants to be dropped off

Usually, she’ll want you to take her back to where you picked her up so she can hustle some more, to her home, or to her drug dealer.

If she asks you to take her to her drug dealer and then give her a ride elsewhere, and if you agree, I’d give her a time limit. For example, if you’re not out in ten minutes, I’m leaving.


If at any time in this process you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, end what you’re doing. Let the big head do the reasoning. It’s better to go home and jerk off than it is to catch a disease, be robbed, be beaten or killed, or be arrested. This is a dangerous hobby on a number of fronts, so be careful.

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